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An elder law attorney needs experience working in each of these areas.  Brent D. Coldiron, an Oklahoma City and Midwest City elder law attorney has that experience.  Elder law covers a broad range of legal issues affecting families.  Typically older persons will have issues concerning their estate, substitute decision making, or how to pay for nursing home care.   Experience counts.  Having that “get it done know-how” is critically important.  If a nursing home is in your future, you will be making a mistake if you trust the Oklahoma Department of Human Services to look out for you.  It will not.  Its case workers are trained to protect the Oklahoma Department of Human Services, not you.  They tend to see the rules their way, not yours.  Such as, when a case worker permits the applicant to unnecessarily spend down their life savings before qualifying.  Sometimes this occurs when the case worker is learning on the job.

Brent D. Coldiron is experienced with working with these types of problems.  Such as protecting against unnecessary spend-down, putting protective documents in place, avoiding probate, establishing a proxy or agent of your choice, or filing a court action when necessary.  Brent is very experienced in Medicaid nursing home qualification through the Oklahoma Department of Human Services, including appealing unfair decisions when necessary.

Brent D. Coldiron has prepared hundreds of durable powers of attorney, revocable trusts, and wills, including Medicaid protective trusts.  He is experienced in guardianship, having guardians appointed when necessary, and resisting the appointment in some cases.  He handles probates and trust administration and closing.  He knows how to avoid probate and guardianship for his clients.  When bad news comes, such as your spouse being diagnosed with a life changing disease that will end in long term nursing care, he knows what to do.  Brent D. Coldiron has practiced law since 1976.  He knows how to protect you and your life savings.  How to protect the community spouse from being devastated by nursing home spend-down.

Because the cost for nursing home care will bankrupt most families, it is critical the elder law attorney know how to establish a plan that will stand the scrutiny of the Oklahoma Department of Human Services.  Brent is an expert at protecting his clients within the rules of law.  Experience, like Brent has pays dividends for his clients.

Brent is tough minded.  He will roll up his sleeves, and if necessary engage in battle.    In addition to knowing how to fight for his clients, he is also very good at out-of-court solutions.  The bottom line for Brent is to protect his client.  Disagreements can sometimes be resolved without litigation.  Sometimes a problem raised by the Oklahoma Department of Human Services can be resolved by explaining the client’s rights under the rules.  Medicaid rules are very complex.  Brent makes sure his client’s get the benefit of any doubt.  Brent D. Coldiron has been practicing since 1976, having over 37 years experience. He knows how to get good results for his clients.  He knows what to do.