Do I need an Elder Law Attorney to help with Medicaid?

Medicaid Requires Help from an Elder Law Attorney

Medicaid is so very complicated and confusing that you need an elder law attorney who understands and is experienced in Medicaid and the workings of the Department of Human Services to help you get a fair result.  Even the highest courts of the land seem to agree.  Here is what some have to say about the Medicaid law.

Supreme Court of the United States:

The Medicaid Act is an Aaggravated assault on the English language, resistant to attemps to understand it.@  See Schweiker v. Gray Panthers, 453 U.S. 34, 43 (1981).

4th Circuit Court of Appeals:

The Medicaid Act is one of the Amost completely impenetrable texts within human experience@ and Adense reading of the most tortuous kind.@ Rehab. Ass=n of Va. v. Kozlowski, 42 F.3d 1444, 1450 (4th Cir. 1994).

Pennsylvania Federal District Court:

The Medicaid Act is actually a morass of interconnecting legislation.  It contains provisions which are circuitous and, at best, difficult to harmonize.@ Eastern District of Pennsylvania, Mertz v. Secretary of Pennsylvania Department of Welfare, Civil Action No. 01-2627, Memorandum Opinion July 30, 2001.