Can you help me find a lost pension?

A common problem for seniors is the problem of “lost pension plans.”  The senior may not know or have forgotten that they are a beneficiary.  The employer may have moved out of state, gone out of business or filed bankruptcy.  The senior at age 65 will usually receive a letter from the Social Security Administration advising that they have a deferred vested pension benefit.  This is especially vexing when the senior or his or her spouse needs to qualify for Medicaid.  A number of questions remain unanswered?  How much will it pay?  Will it exceed the Medicaid income cap for Oklahoma?  Will I be disqualified for Medicaid?  Can it be received in a lump sum?

Unfortunately Social Security will only provide the beneficiary notice that he or she is entitled to a pension.  Neither Social Security nor Medicaid will tell the senior who the employer was, who the trustee of the pension is, nor who to contact.  Don’t give up!  There are some places to go for help.  Try the Administration on Aging’s Pension Counseling Program at  You should receive help in locating the lost pension plan.  Another source is the Pension Rights Center at  I hope you have found this article helpful.  If you have other elder law needs please contact Brent D. Coldiron.  Brent is an experienced elder law and Medicaid attorney.  He has years of experience helping families save their family property, preserve an inheritance for descendants, qualify for Medicaid without violating the rules, avoiding probate, using revocable trusts, avoiding guardianship, using powers of attorney, making wills.