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Children’s legal liabilities to pay for costs of parents’ nursing home.

Do I need an Elder Law Attorney to help with medicaid?

Do I need help to mind a lost pension?

Healthcare decisions

Medicaid and Medicare dollar amounts

Medicaid protective trust

Medicaid some observations

Some issues involved with gift assets

Supplemental needs trust

Ten common medicaid myths


Ancillary Probate in Oklahoma

Can a will or trust be contested?

Do you have a will?

Need help with Probate

Living Trust and Avoiding Probate

Non-Testamentary transfer of property or transfer of death deedPayable on Death (POD)Planning for Death

Problems with Joint Tenancy

Revocable Living Trust

Safety Deposit Box Access

Small estate affidavit

Guardianship and Power of Attorney

Oklahoma Power of Attorney

Guardianship and Power of Attorney

Naming an executor

Second Marriage Planning

Second marriage planning


What is Elder Law?

What is Medicare?

Can a will or trust be contested?

Can you help me find a lost pension?

Do I need an Elder law attorney to help with Medicaid?

What is power of attorney in Oklahoma?

Who pays attorney fees?



Useful Links

NAELA                                                   www.naela.com

Areawide Aging Agency                         www.areawideaging.org

Oklahoma Alliance on Aging                   www.okallianceonaging.org

National Council on an Aging Society      www.agingsociety.org

Social Security Administration                 www.ssa.gov

Medicare                                                www.medicare.gov

Death Index                                            www.socialsecuritydeathindex.com

Published Cases

Corr V. Smith

Graff V. Kelly

Cox V. Smith

ABC Drilling Co., Inc. V. Hughes Group

Brannons No. 7 V Phelps